Wine with The Best

Arvid is a sommelier,  restaurateur,  educator, writer and a consultant to private collectors, Fortune 500 companies, an intercontinental airline and more. 

He holds a range of awards and titles, the crowning achievement being the 15th ever holder of the title Best Sommelier of the World. More importantly though, Arvid has a knack for thinking and communicating his passion and knowledge about wine without all the pretense and snobbery that is rife in that world.

 This virtual experience aims to instill in the participants the knowledge and confidence to start their own wine cellar (or at least shelf in the fridge). Here Arvid shares some of his secrets and tips  as a professional wine buyer and consultant to some of the greatest wine collectors in the world. You will taste 3-6 age worthy wines that fly under the radar and draw from them general lessons to apply to starting a wine collection without shelling out thousands of dollars per case for the traditional “Blue Chips” like Bordeaux, Napa Cab, Champagne etc. Arvid will also share some of his best tips for budding collectors.

Experience lasts 1 hour

*can be tailored based on event needs