Finest quality. No butts.

SEED TO SMOKE comes special care of NY's cigar sommelier.


Your guests get a live and intimate look into the fascinating history of cigars, and how they are made within tobacco plantations.

Whether you're new to the cigar community or looking to up-skill to aficionado, Mike will lead you through this scintillating and sensory indulgence from seed to smoke.

Each event guest will be issued a curated cigar tasting box. 


Seed to Smoke
  • Interactive Demonstration

  • Digital and Printed Tasting Note  Card

  • Curated kits with all necessary cigars and utensils shipped to all attendees

  • Virtual Platform with technology for chat box and questions​​​​​​​​

  • Opportunity for corporate meeting at the beginning or end of event

  • Custom branding options for packaging 

  • Event Coordination