No preconceptions. No labels. Now, what do you taste?


SAVOR THE SENSES is a uniquely refined tasting journey that  can't quite be described. See, the event aims to educate guests on how to distinguish what they're tasting- sparking vivid conversation, insight and surprise.

Each selected beverage has a story behind it and our master sommelier is there to share that colorful history.

Think, blind champagne tastings and rare spirits being sampled from all around the world, accompanied by your group's dynamic exchanges- leaving every sense both stimulated and satisfied.


  • Interactive Demonstration

  • Digital and Printed Recipe Card

  • Curated kits with all necessary ingredients and utensils shipped to all attendees

  • Virtual Platform with technology for chat box and questions​​​​​​​​

  • Opportunity for corporate meeting at the beginning or end of event

  • Custom branding options for packaging 

  • Event Coordination