Endless Hiring Process 

No Event Pro To Execute

Luxury Company Expense

Hiring Process

Our team with over 45 years collective hospitality experience in hiring and training in the event field has vetted the event industry pro's for you. 


Choose one of our packages best suited for your company needs and fitting to your budget. Now more than ever is the time for a win-win for companies and the event industry.

Your Event Needs

It's a time of pivot and event creativity for venues. Our event professionals handle inquiries, virtual and in-person bookings, create creative packages and more to maximize sales.  



Sorry, you're not an event planner. 

Not because you could't be. But because you're too busy. You wear enough hats ; owner, restauranteur, chief cook and bottle washer.

Where's the time to create or produce world class events or activations for your venue?

There's a better way. And an easier one too.

Event Pro is like an off-site event assistant you didn't know you needed, and can't live without.

You get the convenience of expert event management without any of the drama.

Not to mention you get 

The Better Way. The Modern Way.