This experience is educational, refreshing and like some of the whiskeys, rare. 

CATCHING WHSKEY FLIGHTS teams your guests with a whiskey expert from one of NY's most iconic bars, as he leads you on one of the most extensive and exciting whiskey menus in the US. 

Guests will relish their premium whiskey tastings as they learn of each bottle's history distillery process, flavor profile and refreshing pairing tips.

This experience can also be specifically curated for beginner drinkers, through to whiskey connoisseurs.

Guests will be shipped their select Whiskey Tasting Box containing:

- 6 Whiskey Vials

- A Tasting Mat

- Tasting Notes 

- Tasting Prep Sheet 

- (1) Signature Whiskey Glass


  • Interactive Demonstration

  • Digital and Printed Recipe Card

  • Curated kits with all necessary ingredients and utensils shipped to all attendees

  • Virtual Platform with technology for chat box and questions​​​​​​​​

  • Opportunity for corporate meeting at the beginning or end of event

  • Custom branding options for packaging 

  • Event Coordination