Board in The House

Epic by name. Epicurean by nature.


When it comes to entertaining, this is a go-to for good reason.  Interactive, social and deliciously fun. 

Why is charcuterie so popular? Well, who doesn't love the cheese and cured meat combination, or perhaps it's the fact that you require zero culinary skills to assemble- either way, we ain't judging. 

Let by a specialist charcuterie board master, you'll get all the insider tips and tricks to muster up your aesthetically-pleasing, mouthwatering boards.

Each guests gets the VIP treatment as they're sent fresh packages filled with an assortment of seasonal gourmet cheeses, meats, nuts, crackers, fruit, jam, honey and herbs. 

In fact, why not add a wine tasting experience on top, to cap off the event in exceptional style.

What's included

  • Interactive Demonstration

  • Digital and Printed Recipe Card

  • Curated kits with all necessary ingredients and utensils shipped to all attendees

  • Virtual Platform with technology for chat box and questions​​​​​​​​

  • Opportunity for corporate meeting at the beginning or end of event

  • Custom branding options for packaging 

  • Event Coordination